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Dr. Corral is a big fan of Charlie Munger, an advisor to Warren Buffett.  Mr. Munger would often encourage Mr. Buffett to not only look for “a good company at a fair price,” but an ethical company as well.  At Corral Care, we are devoted to providing the best medical care in the most cost effective ways, but also to do so in a way that allows access to care for those who need it most, not just those who can pay exorbitant fees.

Most concierge services range anywhere from $1,500 annually to $5,000 annually.  Not only does this limit the vast majority of the public from receiving the care they need from the physicians they trust, but it also means the practice makes the majority of its income by collecting a fee, not providing medical care.  At Corral Care, we believe that we can supply a good and ethical membership practice at a fair price. Our fee, when paid annually, is only $300.  If that is easiest for you, please call the office at 813-348-0224, then sign up and pay your fee here. Or, if you would like to make smaller payments throughout the year, you can sign up to pay $90 quarterly.  Payments will be automatically made every three months, so you don’t have to worry about remembering how long its been, or whether or not you’ve made the payment.  If this is an option that is more suitable for you,please call the office at 813-348-0224, and then feel free to sign up here. We also know that even a $300 fee can limit some people’s access to their physician.  That is why we are making fee waivers available to those in financial need. Simply contact our office to find out more.

Thank you for your interest in our practice.  We appreciate our relationship with our patients, and hope to continue to provide personal, superior care for many years to come.

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