What is "Membership Medicine?"

In a membership practice, an annual fee is paid by the patient to be a part of the physician’s practice.  This is sometimes called “concierge” medicine.

Why did Dr. Corral transition to "Membership Medicine?"

Dr. Corral believed then and still today that his patients deserve more personal, on-time care.  With more than 7,000 people in a practice, it inevitably leads to long waits; both in the waiting room, and in the scheduling of appointments.  Membership practices have fewer patients, and more time is able to be spent meeting individual needs. To hear Dr. Corral discuss this issue, watch the short video below.

What has changed about the practice?

In addition to on-time and personal service, members of Dr. Corral’s practice will receive Dr. Corral’s personal e-mail and phone number for needs regarding their health care.  Moreover, we now devote much of our daily schedule to guaranteed same-day appointments.

Will I only see Dr. Corral?

Dr. Corral will remain available most days of the year.

How much does it cost?

While most “concierge” practices charge anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000 annually, Dr. Corral believes that this is a fee structure that limits people’s access to quality care.  Our fee is as little as $300 per year, when paid annually, or 4 payments of $90 every three months.

What if I can't afford it?

Because Dr. Corral cares deeply about your access to quality care, patients may apply for a fee waiver in cases of financial need. Simply contact our office to find out more.

Will you still bill my insurance or medicare?

Insurance and Medicare are not gifts that have been given to you.  You earned them and paid into them, so we will still bill to these institutions.

Will medicare and/or insurance cover my membership fee?

While we will continue to bill Medicare and/or insurance for your visits, the membership fee will not be covered by these institutions.

What are organizational visits?

Studies have shown that organized and scheduled care decreases your risk of disease.  One of the efforts that Dr. Corral is pursuing in membership medicine is to make patients care more organized, with patients setting aside two times each year to ensure that their care has been and will be the best they can receive.  The first of these two “organizational visits” is an annual review of the patient’s wellness, while the second is an opportunity to treat any ongoing issues, and plan for the upcoming year’s care, when necessary.  All members of the practice, at the time of sign-up, agree to these visits each year.